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gotta pe

gotta pee gotta pee gotta pe
right now i have to pee sooo bad and am in a cafe with my bff but dont want to seem rude and go HELP ME!!!

date gone wet

it was my first date and i had had a crush on this boy 4 years when i got the urge to relly relly bad so i siiad can u exuse me i got to go use the restroom so i got up and siad exuse me but where is your restroom he siad next door so i went next door and asked agien and they siad upstirs i finley got there and oh no both loked **** what will i do now i wiaed 5 mins and still locked so i went back to my date and he oread a extra large coca cola 4 2 and there i was drinking it with cuz i didn't want to be rude and it rushed to bladder i rocking back and forwed while he was telling me about waterfalls i coule wiat i had pee all over me he went outthe door and never came back

right now i have to pee eney advice...

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